Wrangler JK 3.8 Transmission Pan

The stock Jeep Wrangler 3.8 auto transmission pan has no drain plug.  Servicing the transmission is much like servicing a front or rear differential except its overhead making it a messy job.  Doorman makes a replacement pan that has a drain plug.  While it has a few bad reviews on Amazon about the drain plug, its entirely the included drainplug gasket.  I utilized a rubberized aluminum drain plug gasket and had no leaks.  While in there I recommend replacing the transmission filter / pickup.  I used a genuine Mopar part since I didn’t want any issues on the trail. 

For reinstallation of the new pan, I chose to go with a Lube Locker pan gasket and they have a great installation instruction section.  The two main take aways from Lube Locker's instructions is use the OEM torque specs and do it in two passes.  I felt that since the transmission never really stops dripping fluid, it would be difficult to get a perfect seal with silicone.  This was my first time using a Lube Locker gasket and it sealed great, with no stress about getting the right amount of silicone on the sealing surfaces. 

This is just a brief outline, I recomend reading the FSM for this job. 

Jeep JK Wrangler 3.8 transmission pan with drain plug
Bolt circled needs to be sealed with Mopar® Lock AND Seal Adhesive.  

When installing the new filter, the factory Mopar filter kit includes a new o ring.  The torque for the transmission filter is 45 in lb.  When installing the pan, pay special attention to the bolt circled in the picture above.  This bolt has sealant applied at the factory to prevent fluid from leaking through the threads.  This bolt appears to intersect with a fluid circuit in the transmission.  The factory manual states to use “Mopar® Lock AND Seal Adhesive” (Chilton Manual) on this bolt.  The pan bolts need to be torqued to 14.5 ft lb.  The 42RLE takes ATF+4 fluid and is filled through the dipstick. 

Parts needed
  • Mopar 68059549AA - Transmission oil filter (comes with o ring)
  • Mopar® Lock AND Seal Adhesive
  • LubeLocker LTT-A042 - LubeLocker transmission pan gasket
  • Dorman 265-818 - Transmission pan with drain plug
  • Better gasket for the drain plug
Torque Specs
Transmission Oil Filter45 in lb
Transmission pan bolts14.5 ft lb