Scamp Trailer Axle Parts

We purchased a used Scamp fiberglass trailer and noticed that the brakes didn't work on the way home.  Finding parts for trailer axles isn't as easy as typing in a year make and model like purchasing brakes for your car.  Further the axle spec tag on my axle were worn off.  According to the Scamp parts store the part numbers listed below should work for a 13' Scamp trailer from 2003-2017.  The price on Scamp's site is really good for the bearing kit, I was in a time crunch and like to use Timken bearings so I opted to go that route.  

The seal was the hardest part to find.  It is referenced by many different part numbers by dexter and Scamp.  I've listed all 3 that I could find below.  

The information below is for a 13' Scamp trailer from 2003-2017, verify your axle first since someone could have changed it to the newer style that Scamp now sells.  The part numbers also apply to the Dexter 2.2k torsion axle.  

Some axle specs that might help in finding parts:
  • The axle's brake size is: 7" x 1 1/4".  
  • Dexter 2.2k torsion axle with EZ lube.  
  • The bolt pattern (lug pattern) for the wheels: 5 x 4.5"

Dexter's site has tons of resources to aid in completing this job.  

Scamp 13' Dexter axle parts list:
PartQtyManufacturerPart #
Bearings4 setsTIMKEN"SET 4" L44649 / L44610
Seal2DexterK71-301-00 or 010-060-00 or 10-60 1.5"
Complete brake assembly1 ea*DexterK23-047-00 (left) & K23-048-00 (right)
Brake Drum and Hub2Dexter008-257-05

*Need one of each side (different part numbers for left and right)

Part numbers for auto parts store:

Most of the parts listed above will be harder to find at a moments notice.  If you need to make a repair and don't have time to wait (side of the road repair) the following part numbers will work for you.  Even if the auto parts store doesn't stock TIMKEN they should be able to cross reference them.  

PartQtyManufacturerPart #
Bearings4 setsTIMKEN"SET 4" L44649 / L44610
Parts to repair Dexter 2.2k axle from auto parts store.