DANA 44 Differential

Jeep Wrangler Dana 44 Rear Axle Refresh Parts List / Specifications

The rear axle in my 2009 Jeep Wrangler needed a re-gear to 4.10 to match the Rubicon Dana 44 front axle that I installed.  While in there I installed a Detroit TrueTrac. 

You can find some great information on rebuilding and servicing axles in the book Differentials by Allen and Lyman.  

The Detroit Truetrac (Eaton Part #913A589) was selected for two reasons.  First reason being the Truetrac is supposed to play well with the factory traction control.  When the factory traction control senses wheel slip, it applies the brakes to the slipping tire, this will cause the Truetrac to send power to the other side.   Second, a limited slip should be a better traction aid in the snow by allowing some amount of difference in rotation of the tires while turning.   

The Dana 44 in the JK Jeep Wrangler has a different combination of bearings and ring gear than older versions.  There is also a slight difference between Rubicon and standard.  This difference is due to the carrier bearings being different sizes to accommodate the factory E locker magnet.  

I put together a parts list for the project.  I tried to find quality parts that were as close as possible to factory.  This was made difficult because I originally purchased an Eaton Dana 44 re-gear kit.  The included shims, ring gear bolts (wrong size), and crush washer were of questionable quality.  I only ended up using the carrier shims and bearings since they were Timken branded.  If I could do it again I would have spent the extra money and ordered a kit from Yukon Gears or ECGS.  

Parts List

The parts list below is for a Jeep JK (07-18) DANA 44 Rear axle NON Rubicon.  

PartManufacturerPart #Qty. 
Eaton Detroit TrueTracEaton913A5891
Wheel SealDana Spicer352392
Wheel BearingTimkenSet 102 sets
Carrier BearingTimken



2 each
Pinion Bearing Inner (closest to carrier)Timken



1 each
Pinion Bearing OuterTimken



1 each
Crush SleeveDANA469251
Ring Gear BoltsDANA7030341 set
Pinion NutDANA302711
Pinion SealDANA20041011

Axle Specifications

The specs below came out of the book Differentials 2010 and I confirmed they were the same as the Chilton manual.  

Pinion Bearing Preload (torque to rotate pinion)20-40 in-lbs
Ring Gear Backlash.005 - .008 in
Pinion Nut160 - 200 ft-lb
Carrier Bearing Cap Torque80 ft-lb
Ring Gear Torque135 ft-lb

Allen, J., & Lyman, R. (2010). Differentials: Identification, Restoration & Repair.